How to enable ECG feature of Apple Watch?

Caution: Before you start to do action, please read the following descriptions, they are very important!

a. This article is for testing purposes only, enabling the ECG feature might be illegal in your region and country.
b. Your Apple Watch must be bought from ECG enabled region. (See list of ECG enabled regions: If your Apple Watch bought from a non-ECG enabled region there is no way to enable ECG unless Apple enables this feature.
c. Apple can change rules in any time without any notification.
d. This is not like iCloud data merge method, if you try to pair Apple Watch to another iPhone with your iCloud account, keep in mind that you may need to perform all steps again.


  1. Any iPhone which supports Apple Watch Series 4 and above.
  2. Apple Watch Series 4 and above from ECG enabled region.
  3. iMazing App ( It’s available for both PC/Mac. But your operating system must be 64bit if you use PC.
  4. ECG activation file (Download:, extract it and get a “.plist” file.
  5. You should open the “Health” app on your iPhone at least once.

First, please unpair your Apple Watch, then use the iMazing tool to make an encrypted backup. Please enable “Backup Encryption” from “Options”.

You must enable “Backup Encryption” if not the health database won’t be backed up.

After applying the options, click “Backup” to make a backup immediately.

Then, click the button above, choose the backup file we just made, and then choose “Edit”.

iMazing would ask you to make a “backup of your backup”, confirm that.

Now you can find “Editable Backups”, choose the one we made, choose “File System” and go to the directory of HomeDomain/Library/Preferences

Unarchive the ECG activation file, you would get a file named

Click “Copy to Backup”, make sure it’s under HomeDomain/Library/Preferences directory.

Choose the backup file we modified, click “Restore to Device”, follow the instructions.

Do not check “Erase target devices” if you have eSIM installed, it may erase your eSIM too. If your storage is not enough for restoring a backup, try to delete some photos (because you will recover them after restoring), or do a DFU restore to clean all contents. (DFU restoring doesn’t remove your eSIM)

After restoring your iPhone, now you can pair your Apple Watch. Please don’t restore the Apple Watch backup file.

Now you can use ECG on your Apple Watch. If your ECG app on your Apple Watch gets stuck in “installing”, try to reboot your Apple Watch and see whether it would be solved. If not, you should unpair and pair it again.

Special thanks to Hiraku Dev!

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